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A little off topic but in line with the standard messaging that administratively our program operates like the business model of a Blockbuster to everyone else’s Netflix, we are old school and slow! That might have sounded better in my head them on paper but I am sticking with it as an analogy. Anyway, did anyone notice that our new coach kyle griffin who was seemingly a decent tweeter tweeted out on July 28 that he was new assistant coach and several hoops sites and twitter accounts reported the same. Groffin that day responds to a few congratulatory tweets and then shuts out twitter until 6 days ago, or the same day when lehigh sports web site pushes out their big news breaking article on a new assistant coach.

Few questions – why did it take 5 weeks to announce what the public already knew? Why did Griffin swear off twitter for this same period? Why did he rejoin twitter on day article came out? Perhaps just a coincidence that I LU someone as stupid as myself picked up on but I love you guys and tend to over share my dumb hypotheticals.

Anyway, after you chew on that, the standard questions of why we always late with schedule announcements and things like that frustrate me.