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I do not see the ivy league as a good fit. I see the Ivy as on the down swing and the PL on the up swing. The A-10 and newly formed league with old big east schools is the route I would be trying to go. Also, trying to start in state rivalries would be a bonus i.e. St.Joes, LaSalle, Drexel, Duq. or Robert Morris.

I agree with these. I also think the CAA should be a prime candidate for OOC games along with the A-10 and Big 5 schools. I think a couple of Ivy’s are fine and I have no problem with 1 or 2 NEC games. In addtion to PAFan’s suggestion teams like Delaware, Fairfield, Hofstra, George Mason, Stony Brook, and Towson would all be small but significant improvements. Get two of those teams a year and get rid of two NEC teams and you have a great mid major schedule.