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Excellent points, SB. Love the early season input and chatter.

Like you, I haven’t a clue about the Red Storm marriage. They’ve been with us since the ’07-’08 season. Isn’t seven in a row enough!? Who knows when it will end or why it began? And, no I doubt we ever thought they would be good when signing the first and subsequent contracts. Then again, we weren’t particularly good in -06-07 (12-13 record) either.

Further agree with you about the target schedule range. When expecting a good team (130-150), otherwise 150-200.

Right to bring up both Iona and Northeastern as both good examples of solid scheduling (NE 129, Iona 135) and solid programs. However, this year’s Princeton weighs in at 184. Maybe they’re not expecting much. If teams used the 130-150 theory, maybe Yale @ 147 is expecting good things this year. Who knows? What a chess match schedulers around the country must play! Months ago you began to see tenders go out on looking for games (home ‘n home, guarantees offered, tournaments, etc.) in the 2014-15 season. While we might think it fun and exciting to schedule, I’m sure it’s not a walk in the park for whomever is assigned the duty at each school. With Ott gone, I wonder who is on the hot seat this year?