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I will likely attend most of the home games again this year. I expect that other than during finals, the student section will be quite full too. They still have the program of getting some benefit if they get their card swiped at halftime. The university is providing bus transportation to and from the game.
The harder sell however is alumni and local residents. If the prospect of CJ doesn’t get them in the arena, likely nothing will. I suspect though that when the Patriot League games begin, the university will be hosting promotions to attract fans.
BTW, I attended the women’s game this morning (an OT barnburner with Villanova) and it was Education Day. There were 3,700 middle school students there. I’m not sure how educational it was but the place was rocking. Those kids can teach our students a thing or two about being loud and disruptive when the opposition shoots foul shots. They had a large pep band there too. It was a good time although the score did not end favorably.