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The scrimmage this year was reminiscent of last year. The defense seemed to be way ahead of the offense. Many key players were dinged so did not play. Th quarteback situations again did not give me the warm fuzzies.
From my perspective only:
Stock up
Derek Gaul and Stefan Sansone..both able to get some space and had good hands
Tim Newton..a lot of pressure
Tim Divers…some nice punts..good hang time
Defensive secondary
Stock Down
Offensive line…..didn’t open up too many holes, several high snaps in shotgun, a lot of pressure
Kicking…only witnessed a few attempts..there could be an opening for the freshman
QBs…several intereceptions, overthrows, badly missed out patterns. To me, only McHale seemed to have the arm strength required at this level.
It is really early in the process and everyone has plenty of time to grow into their positions. Still makes me thirsty for next season already.