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BJB – wasn’t ever a question about his abilities, which is why we were all so fired up for his arrival, it was about rounding into shape off 2 yr layoff and reed giving him a shot…these last 8 games that he’s been in rotation, its a different dimension for us, what he brings over AD and SC in rotation has been huge asset. Rewatched some of the game, those 3 deep 3 balls off BU runs were huge, plus those blocks and defensive plays. He also had the nice ball fake, drive, dish to gabe on that big 3…telling you, a big summer of workouts and he’s going to be killing it next year.

Yes, JH is similar to Buchberger, but Buchberger was money money with the jumper his last year…I don’t recall his fg%’s and 3pt %s, but he was well over 40 on 3balls, maybe close to 50%…but similar careers yes…