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I have enjoyed reading all the posts here. High school playoffs are on now too, makes it hard to be everywhere at once.Yes, I agree Adams did not choose the right moment to give Willman a piece of his mind. This is the same Willman that fell on him 2 years ago, causing the start of his injuries. If you have seen Willman, he is physical. I am sure Adams was making sure he knew that he was not going to do that again. They put him on the biggest guy on the team, Muscala and no one could touch Muscala without being whistled. Adams calmed down and it was over. Reed did a good job of reeling him in. Hamilton was chosen as captain by some say the team. He brings energy off the bench, works hard, tries his best as well as the other two seniors. Maneri became a physical player at the right time. The seniors came up huge and let’s remember that. I am proud of all three and would like to see them go out on a positive note, let go of the negatives. Last night was a tough game emotionally and physically. No one knows what these young men must have felt it being their senior year and possible last game. Focus on the good things they did, not the negatives. It was a beautiful sight to see Adams jump on Reed’s back. Let’s remember that, not the T. The same goes for BU seniors. I am disappointed that my boy Andoh did not see the floor against his friend Adams. It is my hope he gets some time in the next game in the NIT.