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TMH:You’re not the only one frustrated by the soft coverage by the CBs. I am, too. I’ve only seen one game in person (rest on TV), but it seems the safeties normally are not in a great position to help on the deep ball — Ward, at least, is aggressive on the run.

We’ve not faced any lights out QBs? I definitely agreed with you a few weeks ago. But now??? Our pass D looks a little better … Here are the latest national NCAA stats:

Team passing offense:

No. 3: Fordham (what a year they’ve had!)
No. 9: Lehigh
No. 14: Princeton (what a year they’ve had!)
No. 24: Lafayette
No. 37: Holy Cross

Passing efficiency:

No. 3: Nebrich (Fordham)
No. 6: Epperly (Princeton)
No. 7: Brock Jensen (North Dakota State — remember him from two years ago?)
No. 18: Gavin McCarney (Colgate)
No. 19: Nick San Giacomo (Central Connecticut — surprise to me)
No. 27 BB (Lehigh)
No. 37 Pete Pujals (Holy Cross)

Yes, this week will be quite a challenge. And Colgate does not want to lose — they know what’s coming.