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Ugly, ugly win for Nevada vs their 8 seed. Memories of LU-Navy back in 2004, luckily for Nevada they didn’t have to go to OT ha. Both Nevada and New Mex St. advanced in the WAC…we’d need both of them to go down for any help.

Kept an eye on the Arlington game as well…they were never really in it.

I trust Lunardi the most, he literally just updated..I guess it updates at noon? He has us as a 15 vs Duke in Greensboro. Not surprising we are a 15..I honestly think he didn’t put thought into yesterday’s bracket as he just slotted us into Bucknell’s spot. 3 of the 4 14’s are locked in. The other, Akron, is in the MAC. A loss by them really wouldn’t help us much as both Ohio and Buffalo are right behind Akron in RPI. All the 15’s are locked bids as well. So unless the WAC has a few upsets, looks like we will be a 15 boys.

And Duke? Sure I’ll take playing them. Greensboro on Friday…let’s just saw you might see some of us make that trip. The other 2’s are Mizzou, Ohio State and Michigan St. We would not ever get Mich St, as I understand, to avoid rematches. Mizzou I would not like, Ohio St, no real opinion. I do like that one of Duke’s key players, Kelly, is sitting out ACC…maybe he will be out longer, or at least not 100%. Duke plays at 7 tonight, I won’t be able to catch it, but I’m sure one of two of you other guys will have a chance. If you do, might as well throw some observations out. Can’t wait til Sunday.