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I have seen a lot of Duke this season, and that is a matchup I wouldn’t mind. I saw them in person lose at Temple early in the season, then a few ACC games on TV, including the 2 Carolina games. They are not bursting with athletes on that squad, which is why a super-athletic Carolina had an easy time with them at Cameron recently. Not a vintage Duke team in any way. They are a guard-oriented team led by Austin Rivers and Seth Curry. Curry is a lot like his brother (Steph) and father (Dell), most effective as a stand still jump shooter. Rivers is a very good PG, but not crazy quick, kind of like his father (Doc). Both can shoot the 3. I would like our matchups with those 2, MM on Rivers, and BB on Curry. Up front, they are not a team of bangers. They have some bigs, but not crazy athletic bigs. The 2 Plumlees (Mason and Miles) are good players at 6’10”, but not dominators. They have another big player, Ryan Kelly who is about the Plumlee’s size, again not a dominant force. Lehigh would have to play a lot of minutes probably with JM and GK against their front line, with probably JA or HG guarding a bigger player. I think CJ could have a big game against them. All in all, would be a very attractive game for Lehigh compared to some other possibilities.