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ESPN has Harvard as an 11. They have a nice RPI of 36, only 4 losses and a big win vs. Florida St. Their OOC strength of schedule is 200+, so I’m guessing that is what really is pushing them down. Like Lehigh, a majority of their games were played against teams with 200+ RPI. Lehigh, though, played even more and OOC SOS was a putrid 328. Just awful. Some of it can’t be controlled as teams fluctuate (example: St. Peter’s and William and Mary went to NCAA and NIT, resepctively, two years ago, yet combined for 11 wins this year), but we have to schedule better games OOC, especially next year. A-10 not named Fordham, MAAC – Siena, Iona, etc., CAA – Drexel, Richmond, etc. I know I’m getting ahead of muself but the talent on this team is there to have a Harvard-type year and make a run at a solid seed. Of course, all this is assuming CJ stays.