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Disappointed in our performance last night. We looked directionless, tired, inept at times, and overmatched throughout the contest. Macky, frustrated, took it upon himself to right the ship (how else do you explain 22 FGAs and only 2 Assists?) but it proved too little and too late while being prehaps misguided. Best thing I can say about the game and the first seven……’s over.

Looking for W’s over the next four – three at home and one on the road against SFU (average ranking of the four: 287). After that, with an expected boast in confidence, we should be able to give Quinnipiac(home) and Bryant (away) a good game or two and escape with a one win. If it all comes to past, we enter PL play @ 7 and 6 or about what we expected.

The worst is behind us.