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Looks like only 3 FB fans here. Rich and Kramer, here are my thoughts on the D.

start with the easiest, DB’s – Rickie Hill and Tyler Ward man the safties based on experience but look for Lambert to get some time also, Courtney Jarvis should be first in line for a CB spot (although I worry about his size). Not sure about the other corner, Suggs, Damien Brown, Wilmington or one of the sophs?

DL – need 5 or 6 guys ready to go here. Kuntz, Layton, Newton, Gyles all should get rotations. Don’t know much about the sophs. Is Brad Smith ready to make an impact now?

LB’s – has been a strength of the D last few years and may be this year also. Nigel mans one outside spot and Mahoney and Campbell share the other. middle is wide open but expect Robb and Laub to be in the mix, Raup is a senior so maybe his time, Mitchell dropped Lax to concentrate on football and Heschke saw some action last year. maybe Bourgeois (like his size), Harvey highly touted frosh also.