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After watching each of the seven games played to date, I sit here wondering what might have been.

One thought (assume readers/posters have others) that crossed my mind: If only Anthony D’Orazio (Sr. / 94 game career with 23.1 mpg and 6.4 ppg last year) and Stephan Cvrkalj Jr. / 61 game career with 14.2 mpg and 4.4 ppg last year) had been available to play since “day one” and not sidelined with nagging injuries to hip/leg and foot, respectively. Were the two even available during the summer and training camp days to impart their “senior” wisdom and experience? Not sure. Would our opening day lineup have been different? Can’t help but think so. Would we look inept as we do today? Doubtful!

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m “all in” on our freshmen class and the promise of better days to come. But, I’m not sure our freshmen class can be trusted with the “keys to the kingdom.” Not yet, anyway. It’s too soon and too much to ask. You just don’t say goodbye to 69.5% of your scoring and 39.3% of your rebounds (CJ, HG, and GK) and replace them, for the most part, with raw recruits who are presently getting an unprecedented 52.1% of the team minutes (see below). It’s time to temper our expectations for this year – if you haven’t done so already.

Counting JC as a freshman, the group of seven have seen 730 of the team’s 1400 minutes to date. For comparative purposes, checkout the frosh minutes from around the PL.

• Colgate: 3.3%
• Loyola: 4.5%
• Bucknell: 5.7%
• Boston U.: 9.5%
• Lafayette: 18.4%
• Army: 19.6%
• Navy: 20.6%
• Holy Cross: 25.0%
• American: 27.2%