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Here is the link to the #’s:

A few other PL teams defensive rebound % rank nationally:
Bucknell – 67
Boston – 213
Holy Cross – 187
Loyola – 304
Lafayette – 315
American -188

This early in the season, this number depends a lot on who you have played against. Also, it is rare for PL team’s to excel in this area against major conference teams because of the difference in size/athleticism. That said, I think it is a HUGE indicator in a PL team’s ability to compete and beat major conference opponents. If you can’t defensively rebound at a decent %, it is EXTREMELY difficult to win games. For example, Fordham beat Lehigh by 8 with the same # of turnovers and shooting a worse %. The reason being that they got 11 more shots up than Lehigh because of offensive rebounds.