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It’s easy to cherry pick bad shooting games for any player.     In some other big games for Bucknell last year, Johnson shot 3-6 on threes in a must-win game at American; hit 4-9 beyond the arc at Minnesota; was 5-8 in a big win over Richmond; shot 4-7 at Arizona in the NIT.   In 2010-11, he had a 7-12 3-point performance at a good Boston College team; shot 6-8 on the road vs a very good Marquette squad; also shot 5-7 at A-10 champ Richmond.  Etc. Three-point stats, by their very nature, are erratic for every shooter – even the top NBA 3-point guys.

On the other side, I can certainly cite big games where CJ had a bad shooting pct.   In fact, going into last year’s championship game, he had had five consecutive poor shooting games vs Bucknell.   Does that mean Bucknell should have let him fire away and taken their chances in that final game?