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Please read what I wrote.   At no point did I compare CJ McCollum to Bryson Johnson.   What I did do, however, is to point out how silly it is to take a 3-game sample, which is statistically non-credible, and try to draw any conclusions from it.    

For one example out of hundreds, take a look at Ray Allen – who is one of the best 3-point shooters ever to play in the NBA.   During the full season of 2011-12 he hit well over 46% of his threes.   Yet in one span in the playoffs he hit 6-26 (23%).    He also had some 3-game spans of terrible 3-point shooting in the regular season – followed by some very good games.    Every good 3-point player displays great inconsistency because the sample sizes are too small.    When a good shooter has a bad game, that doesn’t tell you anything at all about how he will shoot the next game.