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I happen to agree with Bison137. Teams that live by the 3 can also die by the 3. With that being said,in today’s game it is almost imperative that you have several solid 3 point shooters on the team. They can get you back in a game in a hurry and they spread defenses out which gives up driving and passing lanes. Bucknell happens to have all kinds of weapons in their arsenal so that they don’t have to rely on Johnson but he can get you back in a game quickly and creates fits defensively.

My point earlier is that I don’t think the spread between Stefan and the rest of the team from a 3 point shooting standpoint is significant enough to offset his defensive liabilities. In Bucknell’s situation, that may not be the case. Of course Stefan is only a sophomore this year, if he begins to shoot at a 40%+ pace or improves his D, all bets are off and his minutes change. That is just my opinion though.