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Agree with TMH, not sure he is going to get enough minutes to feel comfortable enough to get hot.  I like SC, more than I like AD, as I think he is a better pure shooter (both aren’t really slashers to the hoop), but BB is miles ahead of both of them on the defensive end.  And, DC could potentially be ahead of all 3 of them.  Unless AD and SC learn to defend on the perimeter they look to be 10 minute maximum guys.  But, both could have a bigger role next season, when the team is going to be looking for scoring.

Personally, and I have said this on here before, I don’t like Bryson Johnson’s game at all.  I think part of his problem is that he is taking shots 5-7 feet beyond the perimeter.  He can as easily shoot you out of a game, as into a game.  And, he has zero game off the bounce.  When he runs cold, he is ice cold, and since he doesn’t get to the line much, it can be harder to find a rhythm when the shot is not there.  Average defender, I think, is generous.  When we play Bison, I prefer him to shoot it, rather than Muscala, Ayers or Willman for sure.   He has potential to rain in a bunch of 3s, but I would take my chances. 

Isn’t one of the Bucknell freshmen (Haas?) supposed to be a big time perimeter scoring threat?  I think he scored a ton in high school.  Maybe he gets some of Johnson’s minutes if he can transfer his skills to college?