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Not much to cover that everyone hasn’t already discussed, but my quick 2 cents on this if needed is as follows. First, let’s just put in blood that we’re rolling with 3 guard line-ups almost exclusively this year with 4 scholy bigs. Second, those 3 spots = 120 minutes. Going into the year you have CJ who you can pencil in for 33-34 minutes per game and I’d expect MM to get up to the 30 minute barrier. So if you add those two up and net it out from 120, you’re left with 57 minutes to split between CS, SC, AD, BB, and DC. Third, of those 5 guards, BB, I think most agree has the inside track at starting this year as the third guard based on where he finished last year and the fact that he had a full healthy offseason to work on his game. Obviously he brings defensive versatility to the team, but to the original topic as to if SC can fill in 3 point role, what about BB filling it? BB hit 48% from 3 last year, he looked smooth and fearless from 3, he could be the spot up 3 guy while playing solid D. Granted, this was in limited action, limited attempts and he was not known as a “shooter” during his prep ranks, but assuming normal regression after an increase in attempts…is it realistic to think with the amount of open shots he will get on this team that he could hit 38-40% from 3, I think that is realistic to ask/seek from him this year. I think BB could be anywhere from 18-25 minutes a game depending on how he progressed over the summer and how ready DC is. I think DC’s game fits what Reed is looking for this year more then the other 3 backup guards, but we’ll see how ready he is coming soon. I like SC, love his 3 point ability, and you got to remember his solid 3pt % was in many attempts where he came off bench having not touched the ball in long stretches of time, coming in to the game at end of half and game situations cold, he is pure from 3….love his stroke, but if his D didn’t improve he’ll be no more then 10 minute a game guy. He’s listed at 6’5 now, and his upside is big, if he has improved he could get a bigger role, and I think he is ahead of AD and in line to fill the 2 or 3 spot where as CS is purely a back-up 1 right now.  I think SC in perfect world for him if he has improved the D could get to 15 minutes –  if you have BB at 22, DC and SC at 15, and 5 for CS/AD….that is your 57 right there.