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Sure, perhaps I was to literal, I didn’t intend for that to read like we’re 3 guard all day all night, for every single minute of every game, clearly there will be times we go “big” with HG or CB at the 3, but I’m pretty confident that in end of game situations where your best 5 are on the floor that 9 out of 10 times we’ll have 3 guards on the floor, and that was the thought when splicing out minutes. At end of games, I envision GK at the 5, and one of the other bigs on the floor dependind on the situation, with 3 guards at end of game time. Remember CJ and BB rebound a lot bigger then they are listed at, and DC I think is going to fit more in that camp as well. We have good rebounding guards, which helps the frontcourt out on defensive end in particular.

Say we have a “big” lineup for 10-15 minutes a game, who knows what that number ends up being, believe me, plenty of time for CB and JG, plenty of time…You got 90 minutes for 4 players….

It will be interesting, we’ll start knowing more in about 14 days boys, love this time of year.