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65 – Classic, I was just coming on here to write about this. Yes, CJ is down in CP3 land this weekend, and it looks like he is going to LBJ camp later this summer as well….I found that Rodger Bohn below, from SLAM magazine is at the camp this weekend. I’ve copy/pasted a few of his recent tweets, very good stuff.

Rodger Bohn
National Punks Editor/Senior Writer for SLAM Magazine and NBA/NCAA/Intl video logger for Synergy Sports Technology
Chapel Hill, NC/Cleveland, OH ·

The two below are from within the last hour or two.
Tweet 1:
@3jMcCollum ,Erick Green,&Langston Hall ran the table in 3on3,even against @CP3 ‘s teams

Tweet 2:
Duo of Erick Green and @3jMcCollum has been tough to stop in 3on3.2 bigtime shot makers. #cp3

I think the rest of the team is working out 65, not sure about camp participation but seems like everyone is fired up to get after improving themselves individually this summer.