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Want to start a running list if who it appears is on campus for summer workouts, whose not on campus, and who we don’t have an answer on at this time.

Definitely at LU – entire freshman class, entire sophomore class.
Definitely not at LU – Conroy Baltimore and JRG(might be some rule about transfer not being a me to so summer workouts, not sure, saw a tweet from him saying something about wanting to be there.
Not positive either way – CS, SC, AD, MM. I know AD had been in NYC for internship but not sure if it is still going on or if it ended yet. MM not been active o. Twitter but a few days ago did tweet how it was his last dinner with family at a specific restaurant for a while, so my guess is he is on campus. Been radio silence on SC and CS, so your guess is as good ad mine. I would hope they both are there though.

Not sure CB reason for not going but man if I were him I find a way to get there because playing time which was tough for him last year is up for grabs and a lot of hungry guys coming in want a shot at playing.