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Thanks, 90. I stand corrected, yet again. For some reason, in my head, I’ve always had Temple as private. Oops. That actually makes the expense part even more puzzling; their schollies are less expense to the athletic department than I assumed. I’m also confused as to why I can’t find better revenue info for Temple – I was assuming it was because they are private. They don’t even have an entry in USA Today’s athletics financials database. Odd.

I found an article – a posting by Temple’s AD in 2011. This section in particular largely answers the revenue question, I think.

Approximately 75% of the total athletics budget is subsidized by the University in the form of a financial aid subsidy and a cash operating subsidy. In other words, the athletics department is generating enough revenue to cover about 25% of our expenses.

I’d still really like to understand where all of their football expense is going. I think it would be educational as the D1 re-org plans shape up. Here’s the complete post from Temple’s AD: