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Been thinking about this a lot since I saw the news yesterday. Been researching revenue/expense, with limited success. Here’s the best thing I could find:

I guess the most noteworthy thing there is that Temple reports football expenses in the neighborhood of $13 million, while Lehigh reports something in the neighborhood of $4 million. I’m focusing on this because I can’t help but wonder if Temple is sacrificing these other sports to benefit football. This data reports football as break-even, but I believe that to be accounting smoke and mirrors. Because Temple (like Lehigh) is private, they don’t report the details that the state schools do, so I can’t determine how much of the football “revenue” is actually allocation from the University.
I exchanged messages on twitter with Keith Groller, and his thinking is similar – football is hemorrhaging money. His thought was that Temple should drop to FCS football. Can anybody help me understand the expense impact between FBS and FCS? I’m sure the amount of scholarship money figures in, but what else?