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Good recap Todd, I watched it as well, bought the SD monthly package latest night so I could replay last night and watch champ game tonight, dollar cost averaging!

Well, it took 6 games but we have an anchor on offense and he is a true freshman center! TK again last night showed a ton of versatility on offense, he hit some hook, Atleast one perimeter jumper, had a couple nice seals where he pinned defender on his back facing perimeter and had teammate lob over the top, had offensive rebound out backs….this is really tremendously exciting what we are seeing from this young guy, the future is huge with his guy in the middle. He has a shot at 15 points per ge as a freshman center, which is incredible. Looks like our next 2K club member. CS shoulders rest of scoring load, was effective with his jumper last night, really looks in control and his minutes backed that up. MM was pretty quiet by his standards as was AP and JC. JC was chucking up 3 balls sort of like minny, finished 1 of 6 from deep….he is frustrating at times because he seems to have more then just pick and pop 3 point guy but he is mostly a shooter which is tough to watch with that body and length, wish he would drive more and bang more. AP has been very quiet of late, want to see him push through this.

Good sign was bench last night, JG was flying around and it’s games like these that get you excited but we haven’t seen him be consistent yet which is frustrating because his game is built on energy and not like we call plays for him. He was a maniac last night flying around grabbing rebounds and finished with an impressive 6/6. He needs to bring that every night. Him combined with SW and CB got ya 14 boards, CB kept a few possessions alive with his hustle and fight, SW had his moments.MS still trying to find his game but has one sick highlight drive and floating runner.

The gym was empty, and there were no commentators calling the game, which was funny. The video functionality was good and easy with fast forward buttons. Glad we playing the home team, as another good young test and it will be packed for tonight.