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I didn’t pay for the game, so my observations are all off the box score. Glad that we pulled this game out and beat a decent team at a neutral site.

My favorite stat of this game is obviously Kempton with 8 boards. I also really liked Goldsborough’s production in limited minutes, although fouls were a problem for him yet again. The efficiency from Schaefer and especially Kempton on offense was outstanding.

On the not so good… we gave up 20 offensive rebounds, while only pulling down 23 defensive boards. That is still pretty awful. Also, giving up 46 points in the second half is scary.

Not sure what to think about Chuku, but he is shooting <30% overall as a 6’8 player and maybe the most athletic guy on the team. That’s not right. Hopefully his percentages average out, but to me that seems like a guy who doesn’t have a properly defined role. The coaches should be working with him to put him in spots to succeed, not just letting him go out there and throw up shots which clearly isn’t working. Does he have a dunk yet?