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Ditto, engineer.

I watched the game on replay and — even though I did not know the score — had no doubt Lehigh would win. I think they have a “winning” attitude that has overcome some inexperience on the field.

Everyone’s right, though; we can’t keep winning with big plays. O-line has to grind down opponents and create holes consistently– is this possible? I don’t know.

Running game has not been effective enough consistently to set up the passing game.

D, while incredible when it has to be, still is a work in progress. Still too many missed tackles, big plays given up, etc. Sure, Liberty was the best team they faced all year, but some of these PL teams will not be pushovers.

Hasn’t that Colvin 4th and 1 fake sneak, pass to Haggins failed enough times to not run it again for a while? If I recall, that was the beginning of end in the North Dakota State game last year.

Definitely some questionable officiating on what looked like a Liberty fumble (great defensive play) on the 1 as the QB got in for the last touchdown and what looked like pass INT on Andrews on the two-point conversion.

I watched the Liberty broadcast. Wonder how the Lehigh announcers saw those two plays.

Sure is good to be 4-0.