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Love your thread title. Very Nostradamus like :). The quality of this year’s frosh across the board is remarkable. M & W BBall have the best groups that I have ever seen. Vball and SBall impressive as is cross country. Leary ,as usual as done quite well with his local recruits. Nice to see him expanding out West and down South.Lax has so many top kids coming in over the next 3 years, I am starting to worry that Kevin will get poached soon.
Football is my passion. Since the very early 70s, other than a few yrs in the 80s,we have been very consistent in bringing in solid classes with a number of excellent players in each. This world of schollies is a substantially different scene for us and for the PL. The impact of frosh at all the PL schollie schools was greater than I expected. One fact tho stands out. Most of our prior classes had a numbe of recruits that could play most anywhere, but very ,very few had the depth of athletic talent that this class does.Any better or wosre than the other classes in PL? Dont really know,but I am satisfied with our classes impact and potential. My expectation was that the 3rd class of schollies would be the make or break for progress in our program. I am wrong. The class Andy is recruiting this yr is the most important. Partly beause of Yankee Stadium but more to me because most squads go thru up and down cycles. I dread sliding back into the 3-4 yrs good followed by a similar down period. This past yr reasonably was a down yr saved by the emergence of BB and Keith. W/o them we were not a good team. We face the same possibility for next year. Talent levels in P not remarkably different except for difference makers. We had 4 or 5 this year. Will we have any for next?