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For some strange reason, I have a calmness over me for the game tonight. I think Lehigh has rounded into form nicely over the last 2 weeks, and Read may have them peaking at the right time. I like the matchups we have with Bucknell, especially in the backcourt, which this time of year is critical. If we can limit Muscala (and he is not the type of athlete who will go off for 30), I think we will be fine. Of course, it would help if CJ could finally have a big one vs. Cohen. But, I like CJ’s efficiency lately, and he is playing the best basketball of his Lehigh career. So, all that being said, I like Lehigh tonight, 65-58. In tight college games, go with the team who has the best player on the floor.

Making the pilgrimage out there, leaving around 3 PM, 178 miles each way. Just myself tonight, no kids. Will be a late night return, hopefully with a win.