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Honored to take first shot at the post game recap: Wow, wow wow, congratulations to CJ and the boys, what an epic win, what a season…just phenomenal. CJ, big time POYs step up in big spots, and he did, he was everything tonight…hit the two clutch FTs at the end and did everything tonight. Gabe carried us huge in 1st half, BJB wow man great first half, two blocks a steal and some 3 balls….MM had a nice game, rough on those two FTs at end, but he was great tonight again. What a game, now we’re dancing.

65/90 – you guys breathing? You rush the floor? My heart rate was flying last 5 minutes, I was a messs, still a mess….so fired up YES…

we’re going to the dance…FYI Lunardi had BU as a 14 today, with some mroe breaks we can get to 14 I think…i’m going to check scoreboard now….