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Tell you what, Give Reed credit yesterday for sticking with his horses, using his time outs appropriately to maximize rest for the stars. As the color guy said last night, how do you take BJB off the court!!! Reed didn’t, much, kid played 29 minutes, the difference he has made on defending the perimeter and hitting big shots, and now with some drives. I just rewatched last 4 minutes of game, and he didn’t get credit for it but he blocked MM down low as MM was coming up with the ball to make it a 3 point game…just heady stuff….

Also love clearing out for CJ at end of game and let him be offense, three huge possessions that changed this game – it was tied at 50 and he hit sick fadeaway and then two straight assists with 2/3 BU guys attacking him. Those were huge huge winning plays….man this feels great, so fired up!!