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Congratulations to Dr. Reed and the Hawks! They are flying in rare air. Here’s hoping CJ comes back for one more year of eye-popping poise, creativity and athleticism.
I think he could handle the 1 on an NBA roster – with a Rajon Rondo kind of flair; a lot of Kobe in his game too – but the 3 needs a little more dev time (hint, hint).
Seriously, CJ saved our goat big time with timely baskets with #4 virtually inside his jersey. We seemed very tight and uncharacteristic sloppiness from the supporting cast. Gabe too … picked a nice time to have his best game of the season.
It was a nerve-racking game because we could not find the knock-out punch – very little production from the 4 position. Still waiting for us to put together a complete game. Maybe we’ll do it on the big stage against ‘Cuse, or Ky or one of the huge programs.
I will posit that if CJ has a 20+ pts/5+ boards/5+ assists/3+ steals type game – he will be off to the NBA in the early 2nd round. Otherwise, he comes back ..