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What a win! And a great showing by the Patriot League. It was played at a fan-friendly fast pace, and Bucknell had the ball down by 1, shot clock turned off, with a chance to win the title – can’t ask for more with an NCAA bid on the line.

Now, let’s hope we get some respect from the selection committee. After being slotted in the PIG in 2004 and playing the #1 overall seed in 2010, it would be nice to match up against a soft #2/#3 seed.

Last night’s win bumped our RPI up to #96 (that must be a record) and Bucknell dropped to tie for #93. It would be nice to see College BBall move to a composite computer ranking, similar to the dreaded BCS, for tournament seeding/selection purposes. They could take 5 reputable rankings, throw out the high/low ranking, then use the average of the middle 3 for a more reliable objective rating.

Let’s just hope we’ve done enough to avoid a match up vs a team with multiple NBA lottery picks…