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90…for one, I would saw the Brown and White really would not do much good. From my experience, not too many people read it, and I would think even fewer now with smartphones, etc. I know 65 has had contact with the athletic department a few times giving his input. Not so sure it ever really amounted to much. I will have to say it was a little shocking to see we got 2,200 vs an awful Colgate team just because the game was free. The previous Saturday, we had just under 1,500 vs Holy Cross. Students always get in free, so that is another issue, but maybe Lehigh has to lower tickets prices for other fans?

In regards to the students, the location is just brutal. Not making excuses, but it is a fact. How much easier would it be to get students to come if they could go to the dining hall for lunch/dinner, then take a 5 minute walk to an arena.? It starts as a freshman, because they don’t have cars and are reliant on a bus. Then when students have cars as upperclassmen, they have no experience going to games that would make them want to start going. There are also no student leaders as far as I can tell. While I was there, there was a group of us who were the ‘LEHIGH’ guys that went to every home game and some away (I’ll always be proud we got the 6th man award at the banquet). We took time to recruit friends to go, arrange rides, tailgates, etc. We had most of the track/cross country kids involved. Sadly, it seems most kids have to be prodded to attend and if no one is making that effort, well you see the result.

65…I know you have many thoughts on this..