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Fox Sports has winner a #15 going to Pittsburgh to face #2 Ohio State

Bracketology (Joe Lunardi) has winner a #15 going to Greensboro to face #2 Duke

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The above is only correct if you are assuming Bucknell is the winner (and I doubt you’re doing that. ) Neither Lunardi nor Fox has any prediction for where Lehigh would be seeded or who they would play. Considering LU has an RPI of 101 (compared to Bucknell’s 84) and a SOS ranking of #304 (compared to Bucknell’s 204), it is questionable whether they would fall in the same spot as Bucknell for seeding purposes. At the moment, there are at least three possible tournament teams (LIU, Valpo, and UT-Arlington) who are behind Bucknell in RPI and ahead of LU. Also Montana is likely behind Bucknell at the moment but ahead of LU. Looking just at Lunardi, right now I’d say Bucknell is slotted in as the 2nd 15 seed, while LU would likely be his best 16 seed should they win. Of course an upset or two could allow the PL winner, no matter who it is, to move up.

In any event, winning the bid is 100x more important than the seed anyway. It should be a very close game.