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I know, we have beat this issue around to death. See, when I was there, everybody read the Brown and White everyday, as there was no internet. As for attendance figures, they are so pumped up, I think the real figure is about half of announced. I went to some games as a freshman then all as upperclassman. For upperclass males, it seems like a no brainer. It is not as if they are studying. And, games are over by 9. The dynamics of the campus have changed so much since I graduated. So, I don’t know how it works now. But, back then if you had 35 fraternities with 50 guys in each that is 1,750 right there. All of those guys lived in the houses, and if they didn’t have a car, there were 30 guys that did, so rides were never an issue. Those guys, if they weren’t at the game, were just sitting around watching Cheers reruns or drinking. So, you go to the game at 7, skip your TV watching, and drink later. But, that lifestyle I guess is gone. I know the Hill is not what is once was and the fraternity numbers have dwindled and the Greek population has gone from probably 80% of the males to probably 25%. Plus, the big social nights were always Thursdays and the games are on Wednesdays. What do these students do? I can’t believe they are studying. As RichH mentioned, they are missing one of the best things about being a college student, going to games, supporting your school.

I’m not sure I buy the location argument that much. When I was there, Lehigh played football both on campus and off campus. I don’t remember the attendance being much different.

Maybe some of the younger guys on here can explain what male students at Lehigh do with their time these days. The women aren’t that beautiful.