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Bison137, I respect the hell out of your bball knowledge and passion for BU hoops, but man I got to call you out on one tiny tiny tiny thing. I saw you posted on here already today post the game last night, but not a congratulations or anything about the game last night in our game thread.

Then, in reading the BU board earlier, some unbelievably classy and kind words for LU by the BU fans on there at the end of the game thread page 5. Really classy stuff, big time sportsmanship type stuff….but the only post-game comment from the biggest BU fan on there in your game thread, from the guy that comes on here year round to talk about BU and comment on LU games, only talked about LU and our poor attendance last night and how there would be 2000 bison fans at stabler(to which I’m not denying either for the record). Point is, I guarantee you if you guys won you’d have seen people on here congratulate you, so I find that you haven’t mentioned the game at all on either site pretty disappointing. BU has a great team, had a great year, fought their arses off last night, you should be proud of them and if you come on here and plan on keep coming back, you should have said congratulations and kept your head up high.