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If AU manages to lose to Navy tonight, however, that would give CU at least some chance of catching AU.

Navy 50, AU 44. Though Colgate got creamed by Army as well.

American 10-16 5-6
Colgate 10-18 4-7

If American upset Bucknell – seems unlikely as ever after their performance tonight – they’d have to lose one more than Colgate to tie them, and they’d beat Lehigh in that circumstance.

The only scenarios where Lehigh wins the regular-season championship is sweeping their last three games, including contests against the No. 3 and No. 4 teams, while Bucknell either 1) loses twice or 2) loses to American who then goes on to win the same amount of games or more than Colgate.

In other words, Lehigh needs to sweep, and needs help.