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I am starting to think that Devon Carter is going to be the critical piece to this program as far as its growth. We have one more year with this amazing CJ-led class. So, we know we will be successful next season. But, to build a real program, you have to have sustained success. So, we need another star to step in and fill the void when CJ graduates. Somebody to pass the torch onto. If DC is another superstar, you could have a great 7-8 year run with multiple NCAA appearances. Then, that could open the floodgates for recruiting. Something to keep us on the college basketball map for a sustained period, not just a blip of CJ success, then fade into oblivion. And, perhaps you get a coach to stay once it is built, so Bethlehem is not just a stopover in a career.

I am hoping that Lehigh looks West to another private school of 4700 undergraduate students, with a 6500 seat arena, that plays in a traditional one bid league (until their success) for inspiration. Gonzaga. They were once irrelevant, started to have success, then everybody said, now nobody will play them, and now they play year in and year out a premier OOC schedule, and have had sustained success for 20 years. That should be our model.

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