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I think we will know a lot about Kempton in only a week’s time. His toughest matchups come right out of the gate, starting with Minnesota, then Houston and Pittsburgh. In those games, he is not going to be the biggest player on the floor, and will be playing against athletic big men. Those games should give us an early look. I will be looking for one critical stat in those 3 games, fouls per minute played. Young big men need to learn to control their body against athletes they have not seen in high school, learn not to foul, and learn how to stay on the court. Too often, we see young bigs (especially those who are not premium athletes) burdened by foul trouble. So, that is what I will be looking for early on. I think he will be effective and be able to score against the smaller 4s and 5s he will see in conference and in lesser OOC games. But, can he hold his position on the low block and can he handle bigger, quicker players on defense and on the glass? Hoping he has the maturity to do so. We know one thing, he has bodied up to a skilled, crafty big man, in his father, for most of his life.