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I hope so. From the limited info we’ve seen, I think he’ll have every opportunity be a contributor quickly. Of course, what we’re hearing is very vague, but I interpreted the quotes from the good Dr. in the Blue Ribbon yearbook as very encouraging.
We’ve heard that he’s got post skills, can shoot from 15′, and at his size, that’s a pretty great head start in the PL. And there are minutes available, for sure.
I have to admit that TK is definitely a source of mystery, to me. We were able to find very little info about him during the recruiting process. There’s next to nothing about him on the standard recruiting-related sites. With his pedigree, I can’t help but wonder how we landed him. Taking what we’ve heard so far at face-value, he seems like a guy we’d lose to a higher profile program.
Maybe having a former-NBA’er for a dad allowed him to bypass the conventional recruiting channels; that’s my only guess. I’m gonna hope that he and his family were looking for something specific that Lehigh offers, or some combo of factors that made LU a perfect fit. And that the hoops gods have smiled on us again.
I would give my left arm – ok, maybe just a few fingers – to see footage from the Wagner scrimmage. But that ain’t gonna happen, so I guess we’ll find out how Tim and the other new faces are looking at Minny.