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Good work, as always SBum, I had read same things about that tourney run that Tim and his Brophy Prep team went on.

I’m pretty excited about Kempton, he has the height, we know he is a legit 6’9 now from reports and GK tweets.

90 – I agree, he is not a “wide bodied” big, but if you look at some photos of him I think he has a frame that projects well, and I think he can nad will keep putting on weight. He looks to be working out hard and has put on some weight already and looks from some photos like he is pretty ripped. Unlike GK where you saw a frame early on that wasn’t going to change much, I think TK could get up to 240/245, and not 220 lean 6’9 guy. Reports have always been great shot/touch, but maybe with some added muscle/pro work ethic from his dad and some coaching he develops some work on the blocks, which seems like he is doing. Could be late bloomer with legit size and good pedigree. Sign me up all day.

By the way, awesome tweet from coach ott of AP signing his NLOI in a LU Hat and Ott tweeted to SW and TK and said something along the lines of you boys ready to win some chips with this guy. Got me pretty fired up man.