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A nice picture of CJ vs Mich State headlines this “Giant Killers Blog” on Below is a summary and his writeup for those without Insider access..

We’ll offer a few of our favorites heading into the tournament, focusing on teams that have already qualified or seem like at-large locks, while ignoring those who are likely to be seeded too high to qualify as a Giant Killer (such as Wichita State). But we want to hear your suggestions as well. So post in the comments section or tweet at us, and we’ll investigate for a future blog.

Just remember that being a terrific player isn’t good enough — we’re looking for those along the lines of floor-stretching power forwards, guards who swipe the ball and dish it, undersized offensive rebounders and pure marksmen. Like some of these guys:

C.J. McCollum, Lehigh Mountain Hawks
The 6-3 guard does a little bit of everything for Lehigh, but he’s a particularly skilled thief, swiping the ball on 4.7 percent of possessions (13th in the country) — good for 2.6 times per game. Oh, he’s made 58 3-pointers this season, too, on his way to 21.9 ppg.