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Holden is the X factor for this game. He played huge against Mich St. and we really gave them a scare. If CJ, Gabe, Mackey and Holden can play to their full potential – we can hang with them for a while. If one or two of them is flat – as we’ve seen too many times this year, things could get ugly quick. JH looked lost in the Bucknell game, but perhaps he can get it together enough to contribute.

As has been pointed out, Duke has many flaws. Of late, they have been very cold from the 3 point line. Let’s hope that continues ..

If Lehigh shines, then I think we are in danger, not only of losing our star player but our star coach as well. He is getting a lot of national face time this year, and it seems he is a candidate to get sucked up by a larger program.