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The team that worries me the most at this particular point in time is Holy Cross. I wonder if 137 feels the same way as they will undoubtedly send Navy packing on Wednesday – the same night that a Johnson-less Lafayette squad bids farewell up in Worcester – forcing a showdown with HC out in Lewisburg on Saturday. What catches my attention about Holy Cross is their turnaround on defense. Since we upended them by 24 at Stable on February 4th, the Crusaders have held opponents (the other 6 members of the PL) to an average of 54.7 ppg. In the 8 prior league games, foes had averaged 69.0 ppg. They also lead the league when it comes to defending the “3,” posting a .292 average for the entire 14 – game season. If – I know it’s a big if – they can limit Muscala’s touches and points, while somehow matching them on the board, I like Holy Cross’s chances and their move into the finals.

LUHoopsOO, have you seen Holy Cross play recently. I know you’re practically a neighbor.