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I think Lehigh and Bucknell advance pretty easily to the Finals. HC pulling an upset and American pulling another upset is certainly possible, but I think there will be the big revenge game between LU and BU in Sojka next week.

I think I would feel a little more comfortable with a possible Lehigh win, if Lehigh went 0-2 against Bucknell in the regular season. But, winning there recently, there will be no sneaking up on them now. Bucknell will be on all cylinders in that game. Lehigh is going to have to play their very best to win that game. Obviously, you give Bucknell an advantage for being at home.

Will Final be a definite sellout? Can you get tickets through Lehigh or does it all run through Bucknell? I don’t want to drive out there without a ticket, and be turned away. Will Bucknell be selling them on their website like the regular season games? Any info appreciated.