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I’ll take a stab at the (limited) positives from this one. I thought the D looked really, really good. Very disruptive, got in their passing lanes. Gave them a hard time getting the ball inside. On top of that, in spite of giving up 14 ORs, we held them to only 6 second chance points per the box score. Again, I think that was a result of good D in the paint. Our size advantages surely helped there, though.
We did a much better job of getting to the free-throw line (37 attempts), and shot them a bit better too (70%).
SW continues to look more comfortable and confident, and it was really nice to see AP shoot well again. When he’s on, we need to get him more attempts, I think.
I’m once again impressed with JGs productivity. The one thing holding him back is his hands, at this point. Still struggling to catch some passes, and gets it poked away too often once he does.