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Participant tells us that…”VCU beat 19th ranked University of Memphis which was pressed right out of the gate and got behind fast and never caught up to the Rams who led by as many as 16 points and led 42-28 at half time. VCU who is, amazingly, unranked shot 13-22 from three-point range which is off-the-charts shooting; additionally, VCU got 14 steals from six different players to keep the much bigger Tigers from getting comfortable though Memphis’ size allowed them to get spinning moves into the paint many of which became layups. Both teams shot very well in the game as Memphis shot 27-53 while VCU shot 26-54. The three-point range of VCU made the difference as Memphis only shot 2-7 from long range. The final score was VCU 78 Memphis 65. VCU will play 5th ranked Duke tomorrow, November 23, 2012 at 7 p.m. EST.”

LU travels to Richmond on January 5th to closeout it’s D-I OOC schedule.