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Just got back for a couple of weeks away, and just seeing this for the first time.  Thanks for posting.  I am thrilled by what I see on this video.  I was always high on Chuku, but now I feel much better.  He is clearly a big man, with a great body , a versatile game, and range out to the 3 point line.  To me, he looks like your starting 4, this season.  I see no one on the current roster ahead of this guy.  I think his more natural position is as a 3, and probably as a soph, he is your 3 replacing HG.  He looks light years ahead of CB at this point, certainly on the offensive end.  More importantly, for next season, he could be a much needed player to cover Willman on Bucknell.  I hope he is getting significant minutes from day one.

Projected lineup this year in my book is now:

1 McKnight

2 McCollum

3 Greiner

4 Chuku

5 Knutson

6th man Carter

I also am starting to think you are going to see a lot of CJ at the point this season in preparation for his next level.